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A jewellery certificate gives you assurance about the qualities and value of your unique gemstones & gold. Also, it serves as the proof of identity for the jewellery piece you buy. We, at Jempore, take this very seriously. Before you decide to buy, take a look at the certifications we provide.

BIS Hallmark Certificate

BIS Hallmark Certificate

Bureau Of Indian Standards

What is BIS Hallmark?

The BIS hallmark is a hallmarking system for gold as well as silver jewellery sold in India certifying the purity of the metal. It certifies that the piece of jewellery conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards organization of India.

What does a BIS hallmark consist of?

BIS Hallmark for gold items consists of five components or marks. These marks are:

  • BIS Standard Mark: ISI mark is a mark for industrial products in India. The mark certifies that a product conforms to the Indian Standard(IS), developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body of India.
  • Purity Grade: It is the purity of gold indicated in two ways: Karat (denoted as KT) and fineness number. When purity of gold is measured in Karat, 24KT is considered the purest form of gold. But 24KT gold is considered too soft to be converted into any jewellery or ornament. Fineness number is another way of measuring the purity of gold. It is measured in purity in parts per thousand.
  • Hallmarking Centre’s Mark: The laboratory where gold jewellery is assessed to check its purity is also required to put their logo on the jewellery. Only licensed laboratories of BIS can check the purity of gold. One can check if the hallmarking centre is licensed by BIS or not on their website.
  • Year of Marking: Alphabets represents the year of hallmarking of jewelry and is decided by BIS e.g. letter ‘A’ Denotes Year 2000, ‘J’ for 2008, ‘N’ for 2011 and ‘P’ for 2012 etc.
  • Jeweller’s Mark: The jewellery shop from where you are buying your gold jewellery will also put its identification mark. This mark can be of a BIS certified jeweller or jewellery manufacturer.
IGI Certificate

IGI Certificate

International Gemological Institute

What is IGI?

International gemological Institute, also known as IGI. It's certificate bring confidence when buying or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. Total commitment to understanding consumer concerns has motivated IGI to develop comprehensive analysis and clear documentation for consumers. This empowers jewelry buyers to focus on finding precisely what they want, with full assurance in the integrity and quality of the IGI certification.

What reports do IGI provide?

IGI offers three types of reports. They are the diamond report, the coloured stone report, and the jewellery report.

  • Diamond Report: The IGI Diamond Certificate is based on strict international standards and provides an accurate rating for diamond cut, color, clarity and carat weight. It can issue certificates for diamonds of any size; usually the certificate will be marked with a clarity map and a cut scale icon.
  • Coloured Stone Report: The IGI Coloured Gemstone Certificate is based on accurate gem analysis to identify the type and type of colored gemstones. The IGI Coloured Gemstone report states that the gemstone is naturally generated or synthetic, providing data such as shape, cut, weight, size, color, transparency, and primary optical characteristics, with a clear gemstone photo. If gemological analysis reveals the country of origin of the gem, this information will also be included in the report. Only when the gem has a certificate of quality certification can you be assured of trading. An authoritative and reliable IGI laboratory certificate represents the trust and confidence shared by the entire gemological world.
  • Jewellery Report: IGI is the first accrediting laboratory to launch a jewellery appraisal report and lead the industry. IGI has developed a special technique for professional and impartial analysis of jewels on jewellery, including total carat weight, color, clarity, naturalness and inlay detail. We make clear records and shoots for every piece of jewelry.
DGLA Certificate

DGLA Certificate

Diamond and Gem Labs of America

What is DGLA?

DGLA was established with the multi-store jeweler in mind. They provide certified and hand inspected products quickly and reliably. Even during the peak Holiday season, their thoroughness is unmatched in the industry. Since 2002 DGLA has serviced the fine jewelry trade and individual customers, providing accurate and reliable gemstone identification and professional certification .

What services do DGLA provide?

  • Loose Diamond Certificate: Diamonds are very special and rare, therefore; it is essential that you purchase the right quality of diamond. DGLA take the utmost care to certify each and every diamond. They provide certification reports for loose diamonds, in which they determine the Carat weight and certify the Cut, Color, and Clarity. These are the 4C's that account for the value of the Diamond.
  • Diamond Jewellery Certificate: Finished diamond jewelry can be as unique and rare as the diamonds set in the piece. They provide a detailed report specifying the total diamond weight in the piece, the average color and clarity of the diamonds, and any unique characteristics that add to the value of the piece. Grading is done as mounting permits.
  • Gem Stone Certificate: The grading process for gemstones requires just as much care and knowledge as the grading of diamonds. The wide spread use of both synthetic and imitation gemstones makes the grading process all the more important. At DGLA, expert appraisers record the weight, the dimensions, the color, the refractive index, and other factors while examining the stones for authenticity. This information is present on the certification given to our clients the assurance of the value of their stone.
EGL Certificate

EGL Certificate

European Gemological Laboratory

What is EGL?

E.G.L. reigns supreme in the world of diamond grading. Started in 1973, E.G.L. is the largest independent network of gemological laboratories. It provides thorough and consistent Quality analysis reports on diamonds and diamond jewellery.

What reports do EGL provide?

  • Comprehensive Diamond Report: The E.G.L. diamond grading report is a thorough quality "analysis" of the diamond. Unlike other diamond grading reports issued worldwide, the E.G.L. certificate is the only one, which identifies black colored inclusions in blue markings on the plot. This makes THE E.G.L. Diamond Grading Certificate unique, and a class apart.
  • Consultation Of Diamond: The E.G.L. diamond consultation is a preliminary report, which provides, vital information on aspects such as the shape, weight, color, clarity, dimensions and plot of the stone. This report caters to diamond dealers, manufactures and exporter. It is a quick reference on the vital elements of the stone.
  • Diamond Jewellery Report: The E.G.L. diamond jewellery report is a careful analysis of diamonds mounted in pieces of jewellery. The report meticulously analysis the average color, clarity and cut of the diamond. It provides the estimated diamond weight, along with a photograph of the piece of Jewellery. E.G.L. Diamond Jewellery Report proves to be vital reference documentation for both the jeweler and the consumer. E.G.L. also provides customization of the Jewellery Report in order to help promote branding of jewellery.
  • Light Performance Report: The Light Performance refers to the brilliance of the diamond as it pertains to the amount of light reflected. Brightness, Fire and Scintillation are the three components of light that contribute to the beauty of the diamond independently and in combination. No single component is better than the other and therefore individual preferences will vary. In the overall light performance, the three components are shown separately in the bar graph and then weighted equally to give an overall light performance rating of the light return. Shapes are analysed in comparison to their own, since the maximum achievements levels will vary with each shape.
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